Using Molecule for VM provisioning roles

I help to run a demo/lab environment for Red Hat Pre-Sales in the UK. We heavily use Ansible to automate as much as possible in the lab and we offer push-button Automation to end users via Ansible Tower. I’ve been using Molecule more and more to improve our ability to test and promote changes to Ansible code. I wanted to write up a few different scenarios I have come across for using Molecule. [Read More]

Testing Ansible roles with Molecule and VMware

Molecule is a tool to aid with the testing and development of Ansible roles. It allows users to spin up test infrastructure to provide a quick and easy means with which to test Ansible roles. Typically the test instances are containers as they are lightweight and typically very fast to create and destroy. There are a number of posts out there that describe the process of using molecule with containers but I didn’t find many that describe the process for testing molecule with Virtual Machines. [Read More]